Terms and Conditions

‘Mi casa es tu casa’ works best on the basis of mutual respect, so anyone staying at the guest house therefore agrees to the terms and conditions set out below.

At time of booking

  • The guest house is an old Victorian house so unfortunately access is restricted. All the guest rooms are located on the first or second floor. We do not have a lift, nor any guest rooms on the ground floor, and all rooms are accessed by one staircase.
  • Children are welcome at the guest house. They must be accompanied by at least one adult and can stay using the existing beds. For children under two years old, we can put a travel cot in some, but not all, guest rooms. If you would like to use a travel cot, please contact us before you book. Please note that we cannot fit extra beds in the rooms.
  • We are unable to accept pets in the guest house.

Paying for your stay

  • We usually take payment on arrival – all major credit cards accepted.
  • If you would prefer to pay in advance by bank transfer, please call or email us, and we can send you our details.
  • We will always send you confirmation of any payments received, usually by email.


  • For cancellations made within seven days of your check-in date we reserve the right to charge for the total amount of the booking. If you inform us of your cancellation within this seven-day period, we will seek to re-sell the room(s) so that any charges to you can be reduced accordingly.
  • If you don’t arrive on your check-in date, and you have been unable to contact us, we will assume you have decided to cancel your stay. We will always hold your room(s) for the first night, but we reserve the right to charge for the total amount of the booking.
  • If you have notified us in advance, we will send you confirmation of your cancellation, usually by email. If you have not received confirmation of your cancellation from us, please contact us directly to ensure your cancellation request has gone through.
  • We reserve the right, in circumstances beyond our control, to cancel your stay. We will seek to find similar accommodation in the area. However, if this is not possible, or if you prefer, we will offer a full refund of any payment you have made towards your stay. Our liability does not extend beyond this refund.
  • We recommend all our guests take out a travel insurance policy that includes cover for unforeseen cancellation beyond your/our control. We will provide evidence of your intended stay to help with any travel insurance claims you may need to make.

During your stay

  • Castle Park Guest House is our home. Please treat it with the respect that you would your own home.
  • We support diversity and mutual acceptance, including in relation to race, gender, sexual orientation, disability and age.
  • We reserve the right to ask you to end your stay with us if we, or any of our guests, feel uncomfortable by your comments or actions. This can also include cancelling your stay at the point of check-in if you are disrespectful or in an unfit state on arrival.
  • All rooms are fitted with fire doors and smoke detectors.
  • There is no smoking inside the house. There is an area outside at the front of the house where smoking is permitted. Smoking inside the guest house is against the law and action may be taken if there is evidence of this and an additional cleaning fee will apply.
  • Our CCTV system operates across all common areas and outside the house. This is only used to protect and safeguard our guests, anyone working in the guest house, possessions and the house itself. Recordings are made and are kept on site and only for long enough to fulfil this objective.
  • All rooms have a hairdryer, which can get hot when in use. Please take care when using these.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the house. If you need a wired connection, please ask and we will try to accommodate this in the front room on the ground floor. The Wi-Fi/internet connection should be used with consideration for others and must not be used for illegal or illicit purposes.
  • All guests must follow current Scottish Government Guidance, including in relation to coronavirus. This includes any regulations on observing social distancing, regular washing/sanitising hands and sharing personal information for Test and Protect. This also means that if you or another guest develops coronavirus symptoms your trip may be cut short and you may need to return home to self-isolate.

Guest house furnishings and damage

  • The cost of replacing keys and locks can be considerable. There is therefore a £100 charge for each set of keys that are not returned at the end of your stay.
  • Please tell us if something has been broken or damaged. We will not usually charge for minor accidental breakages. However, we reserve the right to ask for compensation up to and including the full value of any damages and loss of income on our part, in particular, but not limited to, anything where the room cannot be used due to the damage caused.
  • Kettles, hairdryers, towels, linen, toiletries, crockery, soft furnishings and other items of furniture are all provided for you to use during your stay. If you take any of these away and have no intention of returning them, we would expect you to pay for them. In such circumstances, unless agreed otherwise, we would usually use the card details used for the booking/payment to charge for these.