When we bought and refurbished Castle Park, we knew we wanted to build a business we could be really proud of, and for us that meant finding ways to be environmentally responsible.

The house

We used the time during lockdown in 2020-21 to completely refurbish the premises. This gave us the perfect opportunity to make the running of the house more energy efficient.  We’ve installed solar panels on our roof as part of the heating/hot-water system as well as energy-efficient water tanks and have insulated the roof to modern standards.

Our white goods are all A+ rated or above, including the washing machine and tumble dryer. We do some of the linen laundry on-site, and air-dry when we can.

We try to minimise our waste and recycle wherever possible. We recycle glass, paper/cardboard, plastics and food waste.

We also continuously challenge ourselves to source in a more sustainable way, for example through locally sourced and fair trade food supplies, and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

In the rooms

We provide a re-usable glass bottle of fresh water in every room. In Edinburgh water from the tap is safe to drink removing the need for plastic bottles.

In general, we will only change towels and bedding every third day during your stay (unless requested), but you can let us know if you’re happy to keep them longer.

We also seek to procure more sustainable products, such as pillows and duvets with fillings made from recycled materials.

We offer toiletries in the room in refillable dispensers so that they can be cleaned and reused for as long as possible, avoiding the need for single use plastics.

We ask you to separate your waste in the room, using the bin in the bedroom for all recyclables - plastic, cardboard, paper and glass and putting anything else into the bathroom bin.

To reduce unnecessary use of energy we have installed automatic lighting in shower rooms and many of the common areas. And of course, when you’re not in your room we hope you will remember to switch off the lights, the TV and any other appliances.